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Allison Barrett//Corks


Allison is an independent filmmaker and multimedia producer with a background in journalism. Most of her current work takes place at the intersection between water issues, equity and community health. She works independently and in collaboration with studios, non-profits and grassroots organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.


She fishes for salmon in Southeast Alaska and Bristol Bay.

Hannah Barrett//Web

Producer+Story Advisor+Sound

Hannah is a fish biologist, a National Science Foundation Fellow, and in pursuit of a PhD in Freshwater Ecology at Oregon State University. Her research focuses on cold water fish and climate change adaptation, identifying the ways fish rely on ecological nuances in complex river systems for survival in a warming world. 


Her research has taken her to the inner reaches of Alaska where she’s studied and documented some of the world’s last intact wild salmon runs.


These days you can find her catching and tagging trout on the Willamette River.

Ilsa Barrett//Leads

Producer+Writer+RC Pilot

Ilsa is an artist and a Landscape architect (MA from University of Washington), frequently merging both worlds to create visually compelling work that is centered on conservation, restoration and water management. She is particularly interested in exploring the ways public participation is empowered to influence major land use decisions. 


(See her Story Map exploring public participation in relationship to mining in BC here)


She co-runs a gillnetter in Southeast Alaska with her partner and direct markets their catch in Washington and beyond. 

Cheyenne Hendrickson//Life Raft

Cinematography+4th Sister


Cheyenne is a videographer, photographer and installation artist. She lives between Seattle and New Orleans, producing work independently and in collaboration with area studios in both locations. 



She has never been fishing but is one helluva swimmer. 

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